Sunday, October 14, 2018

Vicky Dream (A Gift For Angel)

     I walk into the bar drenched head to toe. I shake off by the door before making my way to the nearest bar stool. this has been by far the worst birthday ever in the history of the world. Hopefully a nice whisky will make me forget about my horrible life for a bit. 
     Maybe some backstory My name is Adrain I'm 35 years old and I have the worst life one person can have. Lets count the ways shall we. 1. My girlfriend of 3 years dumps me last week after confessing to getting laid by 3 of my closest friend and that year of abstaining from sex that her spiritual guide was just abstaining from having sex with me. Now she knocked up by one of my so called friends. 2. The big promotion I have work my ass off for the last 6 months just went to Chet because he's nailing the bosses daughter also he stole the project idea from me and passed it off as his own. 3. My car just broke down on the way home out side this weird ass bar called Vicky's Dream in the middle of a freak out of nowhere rain storm. Leaving me soaked angry and done with life. 
     I get to the bar and sit down rain dripping off my clothes into a puddle at my feet. This young woman come to where I'm sitting at the bar and says. 
     "So what you having?"
     "I don't know a whiskey something strong I want to forget this cursed day."
     "No problem first thing first I need to see some ID sorry but i's the law you know."
     "Yeah Yeah here you go." I reach for my wallet and pull it out show my ID to her and wait for her to okay it. 
     "Wait there is a problem her this can't be right no sir. It says it's your birthday today but that can't be right if it was you need to be with friends and family not here."
     "Yeah I know it's my birthday and I know I'm alone and I'm in some dingy bar but honestly I want today to just be over with this has been the worst day ever. I just want to drink so whiskey and forget today happened." I yell.
     "Sorry One drink coming up." She snipes back.
     "No I'm sorry today just been the worst I shouldn't of yelled I'm sorry."
     "It's fine I understand we all have bad day here this one is on the house." 
     "Thanks and again sorry." I say
     "No problem give me a minute I got to go to the back for a moment no running out on your bill no you hear." She says as she laughs.
     "Yeah what ever" I say as I sip on my drink. Few moments pass by and she returns with her arms behind her back. She walks up to me and slowly reveals the cupcake behind her back.
     "I know you said today's been hard but I thought this might cheer you up and if it doesn't then the next 2 rounds will be on me. You got it. All you need to do is blow out the candle and if your life not better then you get free drinks sound like a deal."
     "Really blow out a candle and get free drinks sure anything else you want to add on before you owe me another round." I say dismissively. Like a cupcake could make me feel better or change my life. 
     "Yep one last thing you need to say your wish out loud got it. I hate being kept in suspense." She says with a cheerful glee in her voice. 
     "Alright here it goes. I wish that my birthday was not the saddest day in my life but the happiest day instead." I blow out the candle and just before I can tell the bartender told you so everything fades to black.    

     Light flooded back in my life. I could feel the warm autumn sun on my skin. I opened my eyes and the bar was nowhere to be found instead I was in the middle of a felid surround by wildflowers bubbles in the air I turn to find a man with a carom taking my picture telling me to hold my belly. Almost on instant I did what he said. He took some more photos before calling it a day and turned off the bubble machine. I stood there dumbfounded. My arms warped around an extended stomach feeling movement inside and a sharp pain every so often. all though instead of bucking at the pain my brain told me we needed to start pretty for the pictures or Rob would be furious besides we still had 2 weeks to go. the man I can only guess name was Rob came to me still standing there holding my belly. He came behind mer wrapped his arms around me and said.
     "Those turned out Beautiful Angel truly beautiful thank you for letting me get them done I know you said you weren't feeling right but I wanted to at least get one photo shot with such a stunning model before the baby came."
     When he said baby my mind was flood with new memories. 1. I was now a woman named Angel. 2.  The man holding me is rob he is the love of my life and the father to my child. A little girl Rob doesn't know the sex thinking that both of us will be surprised but my mom showed me a trick that said it was a girl. 3. Today is still my birthday the wish I made came true. Also that wet feeling going done my leg just was my water breaking and I needed to go to the hospital NOW. I turned around to look Rob in the eye and said.
     "Robert Simon Lansdale you know that I love you right." I said in the sweetest tone.
     "Of course Angel what wrong why did you say my name like that?"
     "I said it so sweet so that you will understand the importance of this. I NEED A HOSPITAL NOW MY WATER JUST BROKE!"
      Hearing this Rob face lost all color as he started to panic he rushed to his camera and started packing it up while I waddled to the car in-between the pain of the contractions I could hear the Bartender speak in my mind.
     "By the end of the night you will great your new child and if you ever need help again just look for Vicky Dream located on the corner of loneliness and heartbreak." She was right at 11:59 little Olivia was born. 7 pounds 6 ounces. I was so happy truly this was the best birthday ever.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

One mans cures is another families blessing.

     This is not fair at all. Not one bit. One rude comment and this happens how their any justice in this world. that witch said reality would set in soon so I need to tell my story as fast as I can so some one knows it. so here it is.
     It all started last night, I was out on the town enjoying myself when this ugly old lady strolls up to me selling cheap ass looking flowers for 20 bucks a pop. I told the bitch to fuck off ani't nobody going to buy her cheap ass flowers let alone at those price get out my face. So I shoved her and started walking. All of a sudden the world goes dark and the old lady is in front of me. She starts saying some weird words like "Obscenus eris tu puer fiet" and "Cum puer" "Vos mos est puellis". No idea what she said but next thing I know I'm like this and I'm slowly losing my mind. You have to help me.

"Aw listen to my little girl coo Benny come over her Angel is trying to talk" Victoria said.

"That's daddy's little girl drink up from mommy so you can be big and beautiful as her some day." Benny said.

"Benny did I tell you the weird dream I was having last night before Angel woke me up" Vicky said while holding the fussy baby trying to relay the last parts of her adult memories as they slowly were replaced tucked away and her baser instincts became more powerful. 

"No I don't think you did. what was it." Benny said stoking Angel head as she stops moving and latches on.

"I dreamt that I was barren and could never have kids but I meet this kind old lady who gave me a flower and told me my deepest wish would soon come true then Angel started crying and I woke up."

"Well clearly that's not true all you need for proof is in you arms falling asleep and trust me I'm sure we will have many more kids and Angel will be a kind Big sister to them."

Monday, April 16, 2018

Project Growth Serum Patient 24.

Picture of Patient 24 after the serum ran it's course.

In a government prison somewhere in Death Valley. A new experimental punishment is being developed in secret designated Project: Growth Serum. The idea behind the project was meant to reintroduce Sex offenders back into society while also ensuring that they can never repeat their actions again. The following is a account of one of the first successful treatment on a human subject.

“Growth Serum Human trail test 27. Doctor -name redacted- presiding. I'm here with patient 24 otherwise known as prisoner 726-549-01 also known as Tyler Lovegood. Now for the record Mr. Lovegood can you please explain why you have a life sentence.”
Rape and shit.
“Is that how you describe your crimes. You were sexually molested 5 woman.”
Would have been more if the condom didn’t break on the last one.
“No doubt. Society has labeled you a villain are they right is not for me to decide, but with the book we are doing here. We may be able to bring you another villains back into the world not locked away. Now do you understand what the growth serum project is a about and you agree to being subjected to it?”
As far agreeing goes you guys still putting $500 in my commissary account and a good word with the parole board definitely. Now what the entire thing projects about not damn clue nor do I care. I'm doing it for the money.
“Part of the growth serum project will cause you're male genitalia to enlarge just so you are aware. Also it will…”
Wait you guys paying five hundred bucks to get my dick bigger. Forget all the semantics get on with it I can't wait to see this.
“So you are waiving your rights to Know the other symptoms.”
Yeah yeah yeah whatever just get on with it was pill syringe being stabbed in my ass
“It isn't even so but it's not going in your ass as you so delicately put it is administered in the arm.”
Alright prick me with it then.
“First you must disrobe and climb on top of examination table behind you. Then I will secure your wrist and we will begin.”
-shuffling sounds are recorded as the prisoner disrobes and climbs on the table behind him.-
“Now the restraints are not too tight are they”
Just a bit but I'll survive
“Understood. For the record the time is now 7:22 pm The Prisoner has been secured in the examination bed and injection shall be introduced now.”
Damn that hurt. You didn't mention how big that needle was. Now what?
“Your relax Mr. Lovegood the effects of the serum normally Take 5 minutes before we see any changes.”

*4 minutes pass with no meaningful data to be gathered.*

Ow ow ow. I think I'm starting to feel something. My dick starting to hurt is that normal.
“Yes mister Lovegood that is normal it means that the process is starting to take effect I can move and mirror over so you can see it if you would like.”
Wait so my dick starting to grow yeah bring that sucker over here I want to watch.
“Understood.” Dr. - name redacted- is heard moving a nearby standing mirror over to patient 24.
Oh yeah look at that sucker grow it must be 11 inches by now.
“It’s only 9’ by now Mr Lovegood. Give it time.”

*30 minutes pass by with patient 24 making random conversation and random grunts. Till phase 2 of the surem starts to kick in.*

Ow ow owww. That really starting to go numb the at the tip is that meant to happen?
“That’s just phase 2 Mr. Lovegood the tip of your penis is starting to harden into a organic rubber like material That’s perfectly normal. You will also be pleased to know that at this point your penis is now 18’ long. You must be so proud.”
“Wait what’s happening. My dicks turning into plastic. You never said anything about that.”
“Not plastic Mr. Lovegood. Rubber at the end of the transformation it will a wonderful 18’ Dildo for you to use. I tried to warn you but you heard Penis enlargement and said to forget the rest.”
“What how is going to become a dildo it will still connected to me and what transformation?”
“Simply put Mr. Lovegood it will fall off and soon I should add in thee other cases 10 minutes after the tip of the dick started to solidify the rest of the dick did the same. I didn’t realize that you were so close normally there is a large discharge of semen before hand. Something to look at during another test. Not you Sir no when this is all over you will no longer Man at all with any luck you will become a full blooded woman. Even as we speak the Growth Serum is rearranging your body chemistry and changing your reproductive organs.”
“Wait What I’m becoming a Chick that’s Impossible.” Patient 24 said as his voice started to crack.
“Not with the wonders of science Mr. Lovegood. You can hear it now your voice is starting to change an becoming more high pitched and softer. No to mention look at your nipple they are starting to rise off your chest.”

Patient 24 struggled against the restraints and screamed profanity at the Doctor in an ever more feminine voice as his chest started to inflate. Till She stopped do to an audible Popping sound coming from her groin.

“That Mrs. Lovegood was the sound of your vigina removing the now soild dildo from over top of it. Here I will hold it up to let you see it. Oh what a beautiful shade of Pink it has turned your Penis. If I can say it looks like you’ve made a wonderful looking young woman. The surem might of even taken off some years to your age you look no older the 18 now, and your bust it looks so cute.”

*the rest of the recording is of Patient 24 Screaming more and the Doctor calling the guards.*

Month later Patient 24 was released from prison and given a new life. That same time wee discovered what happened to the last seman discarge. For Unknown reasons the Serem pulled the testes into the body and didn’t remove the rest of the sperm from inside Patient 24 instead Impregnating her with her own child. More study needs to be done to see if this can be corrected in the future.

Friday, April 13, 2018

New Position For The Boss

     Like this it totally unfair. It's like not my fault that the hooker the company hired like had that bimbo virus thingy.  Now I've got to get use to this like new body and stuff and how I like feel about other like guys. like the new boss the one that like took over when the virus thingy got to bad. I got to get use to like thinking of his big hard cock and how it feels between my big boobies, or like how it feels when I'm warping my plump lips around it as he shoves it like down my throat. Just thinking about it is like getting me wet. I'm so glad he kept me on as his like secretary. Oh it's almost time for lunch my favorite time of day. I get below the desk and like blow the boss while he eats his lunch. He say if I'm like a good girl then he will like fuck me afterwards. Maybe if I'm like really lucky he will keep me there like the rest the like day. I like love it when he like does that. ;-)

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Pay Your Dues (Guest Caption)

Hey everyone this is a caption from a friend of mine from OTGC blog. So thank you Keira Williams. Also heres a link to her blog (

Time Travel Mishap

     The year is 3304 science has made major advances in the all areas. Problems of the past are only read in history books there are no more wars of famines. The resources wars are long since over. For the most part the world is a peaceful place. After the major problems facing our world were dealt with the sciences were able to explore other ideas. Space travel, alternant dimensions, and my favorite Time Travel.  
     Now where the other discoveries yield mix results. Space travel was meant to find advanced alien life all it found were some simple life forms who were still trying to learn to crawl let alone travel the stars.  Alternant dimensions were a little more exciting but most the time we find Earth's where you were blue instead of red that day not that exciting. Time travel on the other hand that has yield amazing results. From discovering ancient tome in the present by being at the burial for them in the first place to getting a more in depth look at figures though out history. 
     Now Time Travel doesn't move your body in fact your body goes in to a comatose state. In fact it moves you consciousness into another body. You mind overpowers theirs for a brief time and shares the information that it has with you and you take over their lives for a max of a week before the machine pulls you back to the present. It's amazing technology I have mind hopped 12 time already I've been an infantry fighter in the first world war. Nasa scientist helping fly the Apollo 13 mission to the moon. I have seen so many important events in history. My next jump lucky #13 I'm planning on a personal Jump. My one of my grandparents back in the 2019 was a head of a movement that changed the world he lived in and started to shape the world I live in now I'm planning on jumping into him and experiencing The days leading up to his biggest win. 
At least that was the plan now I find myself in the body of a 6 month old baby girl with my famous Grandfather holding me. I hope there was just a flaw in the software and the machine will realize it or one to the tech's will. Because minding hopping into an child is extremely dangerous. Spending a week in the mind of a baby has a very high likelihood of being trapped in that body. Worst of all I just realized I peed myself and I can't talk yet. someone help me.   

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Shifted Love

     The Great shift changed or lives forever. That the grist of what happened but here it is in more detail. About 6 month before the Great Shift happened I got a message from my ex Sarah. Now Sarah and I went out for 2 year back in our early 20's. We were in love. No doubt about that but life started to put a wedge in or relationship. Minor things at first Sarah was a free spirit while I was looking to settle down. I wanted kids where she ever wanted to think about them. In the end our differences lead to fight and arguments which lead to us ending on kinda bad terms it had been 5 years before her message greeted my Facebook page. 
     We both remained friends on social media but blocked each other feeds. In her message she was asking for forgiveness for her actions, and wanted to know if we could talk again. She had been though some hard times and needed a friend. I agreed also apologizing for  for my past behavior I was foolish and young. 
     We talked online for weeks first once every other day or so. then every day ending up talking whenever we had free time. We reconnected it was just like old times. after several months of talking I asked if she wanted to meet up for a coffee sometime. She accepted almost immediately. The day of I got to the coffee shop early kinda nervous to see her again. To my surprise Sarah was already there. She smiled and waved when she saw me. She hadn't changed at all. 
     We talked for hours and just as we were about to leave I see Sarah fall feint. Before I had a chance to do anything I lost consciousness. I have no idea how long we were out, but when I came to their were people screaming, yelling and crying. Complaining that other people stole their bodies. To me that didn't matter. Mostly because when I lifted my head I saw my own face staring back at me with a look of panic on it like I had never seen before. 
     During the shift Sarah got my body while I got hers. We both rushed out of there and back to her or my Apartment to figure out what happened. We turned on the new and a 7 year old girl calling herself Chet was explaining that most people of the world just found themselves in new bodies and scientist have yet to explain why. 
     Weeks went by and more reports were coming in mostly about how Science couldn't swap our bodies back at all and how we need to adapt to our new bodies. There was outrage at this. Although Sarah and I didn't care. After 3 nights of being cooped up together we realized we were still had feeling for the other, and after some drinks our bodies decided for us that we were going to explore them. 
     That was almost a year ago. We were ashamed of that night at first then we realized we couldn't deny our feelings. for each other. Now we are going out again and this time Sarah is the one who is talking about settling down and starting a family I think I can agree with him on that I can't wait to wear my wedding dress.


     Welcome on and all. My name is Victoria but most my friends call me Vicky, and this is my place.Give me a bit to get things the way I want them. Most what your going to see on here are captions I have made myself or with help of my friends. I will always be happy to take requests and comments. Please feel free. In the end I just want to make something that people will enjoy. Thanks for visiting.