Sunday, October 14, 2018

Vicky Dream (A Gift For Angel)

     I walk into the bar drenched head to toe. I shake off by the door before making my way to the nearest bar stool. this has been by far the worst birthday ever in the history of the world. Hopefully a nice whisky will make me forget about my horrible life for a bit. 
     Maybe some backstory My name is Adrain I'm 35 years old and I have the worst life one person can have. Lets count the ways shall we. 1. My girlfriend of 3 years dumps me last week after confessing to getting laid by 3 of my closest friend and that year of abstaining from sex that her spiritual guide was just abstaining from having sex with me. Now she knocked up by one of my so called friends. 2. The big promotion I have work my ass off for the last 6 months just went to Chet because he's nailing the bosses daughter also he stole the project idea from me and passed it off as his own. 3. My car just broke down on the way home out side this weird ass bar called Vicky's Dream in the middle of a freak out of nowhere rain storm. Leaving me soaked angry and done with life. 
     I get to the bar and sit down rain dripping off my clothes into a puddle at my feet. This young woman come to where I'm sitting at the bar and says. 
     "So what you having?"
     "I don't know a whiskey something strong I want to forget this cursed day."
     "No problem first thing first I need to see some ID sorry but i's the law you know."
     "Yeah Yeah here you go." I reach for my wallet and pull it out show my ID to her and wait for her to okay it. 
     "Wait there is a problem her this can't be right no sir. It says it's your birthday today but that can't be right if it was you need to be with friends and family not here."
     "Yeah I know it's my birthday and I know I'm alone and I'm in some dingy bar but honestly I want today to just be over with this has been the worst day ever. I just want to drink so whiskey and forget today happened." I yell.
     "Sorry One drink coming up." She snipes back.
     "No I'm sorry today just been the worst I shouldn't of yelled I'm sorry."
     "It's fine I understand we all have bad day here this one is on the house." 
     "Thanks and again sorry." I say
     "No problem give me a minute I got to go to the back for a moment no running out on your bill no you hear." She says as she laughs.
     "Yeah what ever" I say as I sip on my drink. Few moments pass by and she returns with her arms behind her back. She walks up to me and slowly reveals the cupcake behind her back.
     "I know you said today's been hard but I thought this might cheer you up and if it doesn't then the next 2 rounds will be on me. You got it. All you need to do is blow out the candle and if your life not better then you get free drinks sound like a deal."
     "Really blow out a candle and get free drinks sure anything else you want to add on before you owe me another round." I say dismissively. Like a cupcake could make me feel better or change my life. 
     "Yep one last thing you need to say your wish out loud got it. I hate being kept in suspense." She says with a cheerful glee in her voice. 
     "Alright here it goes. I wish that my birthday was not the saddest day in my life but the happiest day instead." I blow out the candle and just before I can tell the bartender told you so everything fades to black.    

     Light flooded back in my life. I could feel the warm autumn sun on my skin. I opened my eyes and the bar was nowhere to be found instead I was in the middle of a felid surround by wildflowers bubbles in the air I turn to find a man with a carom taking my picture telling me to hold my belly. Almost on instant I did what he said. He took some more photos before calling it a day and turned off the bubble machine. I stood there dumbfounded. My arms warped around an extended stomach feeling movement inside and a sharp pain every so often. all though instead of bucking at the pain my brain told me we needed to start pretty for the pictures or Rob would be furious besides we still had 2 weeks to go. the man I can only guess name was Rob came to me still standing there holding my belly. He came behind mer wrapped his arms around me and said.
     "Those turned out Beautiful Angel truly beautiful thank you for letting me get them done I know you said you weren't feeling right but I wanted to at least get one photo shot with such a stunning model before the baby came."
     When he said baby my mind was flood with new memories. 1. I was now a woman named Angel. 2.  The man holding me is rob he is the love of my life and the father to my child. A little girl Rob doesn't know the sex thinking that both of us will be surprised but my mom showed me a trick that said it was a girl. 3. Today is still my birthday the wish I made came true. Also that wet feeling going done my leg just was my water breaking and I needed to go to the hospital NOW. I turned around to look Rob in the eye and said.
     "Robert Simon Lansdale you know that I love you right." I said in the sweetest tone.
     "Of course Angel what wrong why did you say my name like that?"
     "I said it so sweet so that you will understand the importance of this. I NEED A HOSPITAL NOW MY WATER JUST BROKE!"
      Hearing this Rob face lost all color as he started to panic he rushed to his camera and started packing it up while I waddled to the car in-between the pain of the contractions I could hear the Bartender speak in my mind.
     "By the end of the night you will great your new child and if you ever need help again just look for Vicky Dream located on the corner of loneliness and heartbreak." She was right at 11:59 little Olivia was born. 7 pounds 6 ounces. I was so happy truly this was the best birthday ever.


  1. Happy tears* oh my gosh... Vicky. I'm beyond estatic about this! Thank you!!! *glomps*

  2. You are beautiful in your picture please let us see you in a sexy dress with 3'' hills I think you would look fantastic

  3. I'm sorry ☹️ I was just trying to be nice 😔 love your pictures and stories

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